There will be pots available here on January 22 . 2022 as a part of HOT DISH, a collaborative exhibit and sale. Please check back at 10:00 AM CST then.

I am grateful for your patience and support during the pandemic.

I will be able to ship work to you for a flat fee of $15 to US. If you can come here you will be able to pick them up with safe social distancing at the studio trailside here. Click local pickup (free) for that. If you live in Canada, your shipping cost will show up as $30 US. If you live across the ocean your shipping charge will show up as $60 US. I will email the exact cost depending on your location and we will work it out. International shipping will work, but it is very slow! Should you purchase pots at different sessions, I will notice that and combine your order and refund some shipping. Please note that a pot put in your cart will be available to others until your checkout process is completed.  If you create an account (see menu) this can move along quicker. All the pots are woodfired and have some irregularity by design. I worry that my photographic skills exceed my pottery skills! Should you receive your pots and be unhappy with them, please return them (you will need to pay for that return shipping cost) and I will refund your purchase or find something even better. Thanks so much! 

Hot Dish